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What Our Clients Have to Say

Many of our customers have loved the food we serve at Pattaya Thai Restaurant in Lacey, Washington. Check out what they have to say about the symphony of flavors present in our dishes as we feature their testimonials on this page.


I had dinner here last weekend and it was wonderful! I had the Malay Veggies with chicken spicy #3 with brown rice. The waitress told me that would be very hot and she wasn't kidding. I have been to many places that advertised spicy and it was merely hot. I'll bet Pattaya spicy #2 beats all others hands down. The veggies were perfect, cooked but crunchy. The chicken was so tasty and the sauce was fiery! I have found a new place to enjoy Thai food

- Steve D. from Olympia, Washington

Far better than Pattaya Wok nearby... Don't trust the ratings unless you prefer Chinese over Thai.

While the consistency at this place isn't the best, the quality is always better than your average Thai place.I can't seem to get a really consistent spice level here, but the Main Street noodles can't be beat IMO.Not always 5 stars, but close enough and I am also grading on a curve considering other Thai restaurants around.

- Chase N. Montesano from Washington

Wow. I've been to a ton of Thai restaurants. I haven't had Pad Thai in years now having graduated to other dishes like the Tom Ka or Mee Krob or the Green curries. And this place introduced me to Pok Tak soup which is out of this world, especially if you are a fan of soups and seafood. Spectacular. We pulled off the freeway on a lark because we needed gas and just stumbled upon this place for a late lunch. What a stroke of luck we had. I wish I lived closer - I'd come back regularly.

- Sean E. from Fircrest, Washington

I hope people aren't mistaking this location for the Pattaya Wok nearby. They are two totally different restaurants. This is the original Pattaya owner, newer location. They told me they sold the first location, Pattaya Wok to a different owner. I'm sorry but the other location has the ketchup tasting Pad Thai, yuck. I was surprised the old location is still getting good ratings. This is the real place that deserves higher ratings! We don't have many restaurants in Lacey, and the place is hands down one of the best. Their Pad Thai doesn't taste like the gross ketchup kind. It's hard to explain because everything is on the saltier/saucier side but it is still all delicious! A side of rice is recommended. Also, what's important to me when looking for a good Thai place is how they cook their food. I believe food cooked over a wok needs to be fast, over high heat. I don't want no lukewarm, bloated noodles. This place has the taste of hot flames! Love it! Also, their spiciness levels are REAL. If you can't handle spicy, I'd say get one star or less. I usually get three stars at other places and got two stars here. Two stars were plenty spicy. Everyone give this place a try! And stop mistaking it for Pattaya Wok!

- Sandra K. from Seattle, Washington

It almost seems pointless to leave a review for a place when Tom B. has already done so-- as usual, he's nailed it. Without covering everything he's already posted in his review, I'll just say that my experience here was fantastic and I'll definitely be coming back.

I ordered the Rama Noodles (steamed rice noodles with broccoli, bamboo shoots, mushroom, carrot, and spinach sautéed in garlic and topped with peanut sauce). I like spicy food, and at most of the Thai and Indian joints I've been to around here, I'll order '5-star' spiciness only to find it barely adequate. After reading about the level of spicy heat served up at this particular establishment, I thought I'd be conservative and go with 4 stars. Our waitress asked "have you been here before?", and went on to inform me that 4 stars are ridiculously hot and that I should really start with 2 stars. I decided to split the difference and go with 3 stars (after assuring her that I would, in fact, eat the meal and not send it back for being too spicy)-- good thing I didn't get a higher level than that!

When my entree arrived, I found myself with a steaming plate of noodles and fresh vegetables, covered in peanut sauce and saturated with fiery hot spices. It may have been the most perfect Thai food dish I have ever consumed. I will SO be returning for more :-D

- Rust S. from Tacoma, Washington

Best Thai food -ever! So, my usual approach to Thai food is to keep driving. This, due to an experience wherein my head spontaneously burst into flames from a stray seed in a mild salad in days of yore. This place was recommended by a couple we met at our B&B who assured us that flames were optional. The place is clean to the point of spiffy. Our waitress, Alida, was a delight and extraordinarily watchful and efficient. The food was exceptional. Perfect spring rolls, world class sushi, and the tempura was light and crispy. From the outside, this place looks like your typical strip-mall joint. Don't believe it! Go in and enjoy great food at very reasonable prices - and the incendiary elements are truly optional. Pick your heat on a scale from 1 to 4. Being a Midwestern weenie, I chose zero and was truly pleased.

- Shoe8545 from Napa Valley, California

Best Thai in Western Washington! I've tried quite a few places in Western Washington, and the food here is capable of exceeding anything else.

Pros - Keep track of specials, because even when the special is over, I order them anyway and they keep making them. Wish they'd add Traditional Thai Basil or Gulf of Siam to the menu, because they're stellar. On the menu, the Peanut Pleasure (Swimming Rama most places) is fantastic. Two different types of curry (red and Massaman) and coconut milk make the peanut sauce incomparable. Crispy Rice Salad and Larb are great. Also, although I don't generally care for noodle dishes, theirs are excellent. Pad Thai with Seafood, Drunken Noodles (my daughter's favorite) and Pad See Ew with Beef are highly recommended.

Cons - The curries are very good, but not as out of this world as the items listed above. Too many inedible items in the soups, so although I love Tom Yum and Tom Ka, I just don't order them here.

A word about spice: Anywhere else in town, I'd order Thai Hot. Here, I stick to 4. The spice doubles from 4 to Thai Hot, which is the next level, and it's just too painful. Great place to get spice that too many places skimp on.

I eat here at every opportunity. At least once a week, but sometimes twice a day and several times a week.

- Ken D. from Olympia, Washington

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